To the Moon & Stars

Varna & Vivek at Gururvayur

Shooting this wedding gave us a lot of memories and joy .Varna and Vivek were one of a kind . They were the perfect example for a “happy Bride and Groom” .Not even a speck of tension, worry or stress were to be seen on their faces. It was truly a wedding made in heaven. They trusted us because they knew that we would absorb their bliss with all its purity, originality and beauty . We are a vibrant team of professionals whom you can completely rely on regarding your wedding photography. We are one of the topnotch and most sought wedding photographers in Guruvayur. Being South India’s best wedding photographers, we take pride in the fact that we make all our clients stay connected to their most precious wedding moments. As we grow bigger and wider, we are eagerly waiting to expand our horizons and discover new locations just to make that once-in-a-lifetime moment of yours all the more special. If you are in a search for the best and nudget frindly wedding photographers in Guruvayur, well you found it !!!