Guruvayoor is known as the “Southern Dwaraka,” as it was erected amid the splendour of Thrissur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Families go from all over the world to have their weddings officiated in Guruvayoorappan’s presence. Hundreds of wedding ceremonies take place in Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple on auspicious days. Many people have long wished to tie the knot in front of Lord Guruvayurappan. A wedding celebrated in Guruvayur is believed to result in a long-lasting marriage.

Apart from Kerala, Guruvayur is a popular wedding destination for Indians from all across the country. Above all, Guruvayoor traditional weddings are tremendously exciting and provide you with a wealth of wonderful memories, since guruvayur weddings are a cultural and religious manifestation of a family’s belief and religion. The cleanliness and blissfulness of the temple grounds convey a pleasant sensation as you approach the temple grounds. Our Guruvayoor wedding photography team recognises the significance of each ritual and makes certain that every detail is well documented and absorbed in our lenses.

Guruvayur Wedding

It is one of the most sacred pilgrimage places in the state of Kerala and it houses the famous Guruvayur srikrishna temple. It is dedicated to Lord Guruvayoorappan, an avtar  of Lord Vishnu. The idol depicts Bhagvan Vishnu in his enchanting form, with four splendid arms each carrying sankh (conch), chakra(wheel), gadha (mace) and padmam (lotus). The temple has earned the sobriquet of ‘Dwarka of the South’ as this avatar of Lord Vishnu is said to be Lord Krishna, who was thus envisioned by his parents at the time of his birth in Dwarka. The temple’s architecture is particularly outstanding, and its majesty captivates visitors. The sanctum sanctorum is designed in two layers with copper sheet roofing plated with gold. The Moolavigraha (main idol) is made of Pathalanjana Shila (a variation of granite that is harder than metal) and is considered extremely sacred. The old doors of the sanctum sanctorum are set with gold plated bars and embellished with gold bells. There are about 101 bells that are all made in silver and plated with gold. Hindu Malayalis and Tamilians revere this temple in utmost respect.

Guruvayur is one of the most well-known Hindu wedding destinations in India. It is known as “Bhoolokha Vaikundam” and is one of  most important places of worship for Hindus . Many Hindus prefer to have their weddings solemnised in front of Lord Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayur. In front of the temple, there are three wedding Mandapams where the nuptials are usually held. Only key rituals of solemnising the wedlock and exchange of thulsi garlands are done in the weddding mandapa. The groom is expected to wear a white pancha, dhoti/kurta, and pyjama to the wedding, while the bride is expected to wear a saree with blouse or half saree.The wedding ceremony lasts about 10-15 minutes, after which the remaining ceremonies are performed in adjacent Wedding Halls. Wedding in Guruvayoor is always a tight preposition, you need to book it well in advance.



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