Guruvayur Wedding Photography


Every wedding has its own sets of traditions and love. Guruvayur weddings are beautiful in its own way because of the richness of various traditions and rituals.Hindu couples from all over India prefer to conduct their once -in -lifetime event in the Guruvayur temple before sreekrishna. Planning a perfect wedding is a tiresome job which requires tonnes of opinions and decisions. Above all what matters the most is a wedding photographer. Another inevitable part of a wedding photography is the wedding photography package. If you are looking for the best budget wedding photographers in Guruvayur then Guruvayur weddings is the choice you should make.

We are experienced in professional wedding photography and a vibrant team of professional wedding photographers in Guruvayur. We are well aware of the importance of Guruvayur wedding ceremonies. Guruvayur weddings provides the best photography and videography services in Guruvayur. Moreover we are known as the best affordable wedding photographers in Guruvayur . If you want the perfect frozen pieces of your wedding day, please reach out to us. we provide a plethora of services which can be selected according to your needs and budget requirements. Some of our services include:

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot how it feels like.” These words of a great photographer have been our guiding principle at Guruvayur weddings . We not only capture your magical joyful event perfectly but also deliver our services in a budget friendly manner. Budget friendly, quality wedding photography is what we prefer. Who on earth doesn’t dream of having the best wedding photographers to capture their big day? Well, if you are planning to have your wedding in Guruvayur, there is a happy news awaiting you. That is, You have got the Best wedding photographers in Kerala to cover your wedding. You shouldn’t worry about the cost at all because we provide affordable wedding photography and videography packages that you can avail. To know more about the best budget Guruvayur wedding photography, and wedding photography prices, please visit our page Guruvayur weddings.


Are you planning a Guruvayur wedding? If yes, you must be looking for the top wedding photographers in Guruvayur right? Guruvayur temple is the most favourite wedding spot of Hindu couples not only in Kerala but also all across India. A traditional Guruvayur wedding is something that every Hindu couples dream-off. Having a really professional wedding photographer beside you is also an inevitable part of your wedding. A wedding is two souls starting a beautiful life together. The wedding photographer you chooses do matters because they captures each and every moment of your prestigious occasion so that you can look back at it together with your loved ones. If now, you are searching for the best wedding photographer in Guruvayur then we must say you have almost found them.

Guruvayur weddings  is a journey that was embarked by the best wedding photographers in Kerala, Moonwedlock. Our journey began long back and now we have flourished as a prestigious and the best wedding photography company all across the country. With more than 100 covered , we have been an integral part of many Guruvyur wedding  ceremonies, giving them a satisfying output. With years of experience Guruvayur weddings stands extravagant, with great expertise in the field of wedding photography and videography .

We are passionate about the work that we do and this is what lead us through the path of success in this industry. Our team of dedicated Wedding photographers and videographers in Guruvayur provides the best affordable wedding photography services. We provide all our services at a very reasonable cost along with a friendly approach . We being the best wedding photographers in Guruvayur always provides budget wedding photography and videography services. Guruvayur weddings are known for their affordable wedding photography and videography packages. Kindly contact us to know about our wedding photography packages. It is your choice to decide whether you want to hire the best wedding photographers in Kerala. It is completely up to you . Check out our website to have a glance of our beautiful Guruvayur wedding photography works.

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