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Nithin & Gayathri at Gururvayur

Nithin and Gayatri ties their knot in front of the Guruvayurappan in a simple way along with prayers for a lifetime of happiness.Weddings in Guruvayur are a beautiful and traditional celebration of love. In Guruvayur, Hindu wedding photography covers a variety of traditions.We make sure that our clients enjoy the whole wedding planning process with us, and we make it fun and exciting for them. Our long-term experience with Guruvayur wedding photography has taught us that each ritual gives us something unique and keeps us rooted. Guruvayur weddings, one of Kerala’s leading wedding photography companies, specialises in Guruvayur weddings and employs enthusiastic specialists that strive to provide the best wedding services in Guruvayur and around the state. We don’t want you to miss out on the pleasure, so check out our wedding gallery.